UroViu Launches Uro-GHD, a New High-Definition Sterile Single-Use Cystoscope

UroViu Corp has introduced the brand-new Uro-GHD, a sterile, disposable cystoscope that seamlessly integrates with UroViu’s innovative Always Ready endoscopy system. Notably, the Uro-GHD boasts a cutting-edge 1280×720 pixel sensor, marking a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of portable, disposable endoscopy tools. Furthermore, this novel cystoscope incorporates an enhanced, pliable cannula with a tapered tip, prioritizing patient comfort.

According to Dr. Joseph Liao from Stanford University School of Medicine, the substantial enhancement in image quality achieved with the UroViu GHD positions it at the forefront of digital cystoscope technology for bladder cancer surveillance.

A recent survey of users underscores the newfound maneuverability coupled with superior optics and an updated HD sensor, enabling healthcare professionals to effortlessly and effectively carry out procedures such as bladder cancer surveillance and stent removals. UroViu’s Always Ready endoscopy system comprises a reusable, self-contained, highly portable handle and a suite of four purpose-designed, single-use cystoscopes.