UroViu Evaluation Schedule

For the first time, diagnostic and interventional cystoscopies are completely mobile and always ready. UroViu’s unique single-use cystoscopy platform puts patient safety first, while enhancing comfort and convenience. 

Your practice and staff will experience streamlined efficiency and increased efficacy by making the switch to UroViu.

Don’t imagine what greater portability and freedom to improve productivity could be, book your evaluation today and experience it!

Book an evaluation at your facility

An evaluation consists of a didactic and hands-on demo of the UroViu Platform for physicians and staff.
A battery-powered handle (portable tower) and up to 4 single-use cystoscopes will be provided for the cases scheduled for this evaluation.

Schedule a call with our team to book your evaluation:

Procedure Volume (Practice): Enter the monthly Cystoscopy procedure volume for the whole practice.
Procedure Volume (MD): Enter your monthly Cystoscopy procedure volume.
Enter the same amount in Procedure Volume (MD) for single provider practice.

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