Uro-GHD Fully Deflectable Cystoscope

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Uro-GHD Fully Deflectable Cystoscope

View the Bladder in High-Definition

Consistent next level performance for all your Cystoscopy procedures. The Uro-GHD boasts improved effectiveness with a unique deflectable and rotatable tip, maneuverability combined with superior optics, and HD sensor that offers easy access and visualization of the entire bladder. Physician tested for male cystoscopy, anatomy is no longer a barrier. 

A new scope for every patient means never having to worry about deteriorating bending angles and damaged scopes.

Perform more precise biopsies, stent removals and other interventional procedures with large 6.6 Fr working channel allowing use of 5 Fr instruments, and accessible via 2 separate luer locks

Crystal Clear 720p Images


UroViu Uro-GHD

Working Channel:

2.2 mm



Working Length:

380 mm

Total Length (Tip to connector):

406 mm

Direction of View:

Depth of Field:

3-50 mm

Tip (OD):

4 mm

Insertion Tube (OD):

5.5 mm

Max Deflection Up:


Max Deflection Down:





Add-On Single-Use Grasper for Stent Removal and Tissue Biopsy

Couple the Uro-GHD with our 5Fr, 70cm, long alligator jaw for stent pull and tissue biopsy.

The grasper is easy to use and sterile, individually packaged for a safer, more efficient procedure.

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