About Us

Our Vision is to Simplify the Scope of Patient Care

UroViu is the developer of the most portable, self-contained, and versatile single-use endoscopy solution on the Urology, UroGynecology, and Gynecology market. Our intuitive and always ready platform is protected by a portfolio of 20 granted and many more pending patents. UroViu is headquartered in California with offices and production facilities across North America and Asia. Our mission is to revolutionize single-use endoscopy in order to:

Improve Patient Care

Revolutionize the endoscopic platform for improved patient care and efficiency

Improve Clinical Efficiency

Eliminate the need for capital investment, servicing, reprocessing, and advanced scheduling

Improve Access

Expand the availability and access of cystoscopies and hysteroscopies in all settings


Founder and CEO

Bruce OuYang, Ph.D.

President and Chief Operating Officer

Ali Amiri

Chief Medical Officer

Bela Denes, M.D.

VP, Finance

Amanda Ma

Senior Director, QA/RA

Yuan Xu

Senior Consultant

Thom Lawson

Marketing Manager

Lisa Sorbo

Career Opportunities

UroViu Corporation is Hiring a:

Clinical Sales Specialist

The Clinical Sales Specialist supports Sales and helps Physicians and Staff successfully implement and adopt the UroViu’s platform. 

UroViu Corporation is Hiring a:

Sales Representative

The Sales Representative establishes, builds, and maintains professional relationships with Physicians, Practice owners, Practice Manager, Staff and effectively communicates UroViu’s value proposition to all stakeholders.