Introducing Uro-GHD:
See the Bladder in High-Definition

Anytime Anywhere

Transforms any room
into a procedure room

Safety & Efficacy

Eliminates cross-contamination
and can shorten procedure time

Consistent Quality

A brand-new scope with precise visualization
and perfect performance every-time

Always Ready Endoscopy

Portable Platform with Single-Use Endoscopy

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Portable. The reusable, battery-powered sterile platform is always ready when you need it, providing crisp, detailed images and consistent performance.

Low cost. Single-use cystoscopes and hysteroscope eliminate large capital investment and annual service contracts, while not requiring resources and materials for disinfection..

Quality you can count on. The portable, all-in-one platform is always ready to use, improves workflow, saves staff time, and avoids scheduling delays. Now available in HD!

The most portable, all-in-one single-use endoscopy platform in
Urology, UroGynecology, and Gynecology

Single-Use Cystoscopy Uro-G

Single-Use Cystoscopy & Hysteroscopy Products


16 Fr Fully deflectable single-use cystoscope


16 Fr Fully deflectable single-use cystoscope


14 Fr Single-use cystoscope with integrated needle


12 Fr Diagnostic single-use cystoscope

Single-Use Cystoscopy Handle

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