Study Demonstrates Attractive Alternative to Standard Reusable Cystoscopes

AUA 2023 Poster Presentation Finds UroViu Platform Comparable with Notable Advantages

A recent study presented at the American Urology Association (AUA) 2023 found that portable single-use cystoscopes, like the UroViu platform, are attractive alternatives to standard reusable cystoscopes as they require less capital investment, reduce contamination risks related to reprocessing, require less ancillary equipment, and are more amenable for efficient deployment in urgent clinical environments such as in the emergency department. Additionally, single-use cystoscopes offer a higher level of hygiene and safety for patients, which is especially important in today’s healthcare environment.

Poster Presentation at AUA 2023

In the study “Initial Clinical Experience of a High-Definition Single-Use Flexible Cystoscope” by Zachary Kornberg, Eugene Shkolyar, Timothy J. Lee, and Joseph C. Liao, Department of Urology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, the UroViu platform was found to have image quality, maneuverability, and patient experience comparable to standard reusable cystoscopes. The UroViu platform is composed of a reusable handle and a disposable scope cannula, which allows for rapid patient turnover within a normal clinic workflow. The pistol-grip handle is reusable, with an integrated 4.3” LCD touchscreen, a 2-hour battery, and the capability to capture still images and video recordings. The 16.5 Fr sterile single-use cannula attaches to the reusable handle with a 1280 x 720 resolution sensor, two 6.6 Fr working channels, and 340° range of deflection (210° up and 130° down).

The study included six patients, five male and one female, with an age range of 57 to 88 years. Indications included bladder cancer surveillance (n=5) and ureteral stent removal (n=1). A standard digital cystoscope was available as a backup. Cystoscopy images and videos were recorded for intra-patient comparison of image quality with available prior recorded cystoscopy videos.

Five procedures were completed without issues. One procedure was aborted due to technical issues (low battery) and completed without incident with the standard cystoscope. The disposable cystoscope maneuverability was sufficient to view all regions of the bladder including retroflexion to evaluate the bladder neck. Subjective patient experience was solicited, with no reported change in procedure comfort compared to prior experiences.

The image quality of the UroViu Uro-G cystoscope was sufficient to identify suspicious bladder lesions in 2 patients who subsequently underwent TURBT. The UroViu Uro-G cystoscope was able to provide comparable image quality to the Olympus digital cystoscope in a side-by-side comparison of a lateral bladder erythema visualized using both systems. The patient had negative cytology and the lesion was confirmed to be granulomatous cystitis.

In conclusion, the UroViu HD single-use cystoscope offers several advantages over traditional reusable cystoscopes. Its ease of set-up and integration into clinical practice, along with its high-definition image quality, maneuverability, and patient experience, make it a useful, cost-effective tool in multiple clinical settings.

UroViu’s vision is to simplify the scope of patient care. To learn more about the most portable, self-contained, and versatile single-use endoscopy solution on the market, connect with us below.