UroViu Corp Announces Partnership with UroGPO

UroViu Corp, the developer of the world’s only totally self-contained and highly portable Single-Use Cystoscopy platform, is pleased to announce today that it is now an Endoscopy Partner with UroGPO. As an Endoscopy Partner, UroViu’s Always Ready Cystoscopy platform will now be available to UroGPO’s 700+ member urology practices across the United States. 

“UroGPO is happy to announce a new partnership with our membership,” said Palmer DePetro, Senior Director, Contracting at Specialty Networks. “UroViu cystoscopy devices provide a cost-effective, single-use, and time-saving solution members have been requesting to add to our portfolio. This is a win for our members as it gives them a single-use cystoscopy option that is safe and reliable for their patients.”

As part of the relationship with UroGPO, UroViu will provide UroGPO members with preferential pricing for its single-use cystoscopy platform.  Single-use cystoscopy is a safe and reliable alternative to traditional reusable cystoscopes which must be cleaned and sanitized after every use. The difficulty of servicing traditional cystoscopes has led to close FDA scrutiny due to cross-contamination risks. UroViu’s single-use cystoscopy platform ranging from the 12-Fr diagnostic semi rigid cystoscope, a 14-Fr injection cystoscope with integrated needle for drug delivery to a 16-Fr flexible, deflectable, and rotatable cystoscope, eliminate those risks.