Hystero-V Diagnostic Hysteroscope

Uro-V Austin 1

Hystero-V Diagnostic Hysteroscope

Sharp image, simple use, enhanced patient comfort

UroViu’s Single-Use Diagnostic Hysteroscope offers the convenience and consistency you’re looking for. 

Optimized for the female anatomy. The small 12-Fr. diameter hysteroscope with hydrophilic coating ensures ease of insertion and greater patient comfort.

Provides the ability to easily and rapidly visualize the entire uterus with a slight coude tip and wide field of view optics.

Hystero-V Tip

Small rounded tip



Working Length:

254 mm

Total Length (Tip to Connector):

308 mm

Direction of View:

Depth of Field:

3-50 mm

Working Channel (Irrigation):

1.0 mm

Insertion Tube (OD):

4.1 mm

Coude tip (Direction of view)


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